ET „Elia” was established in 1995 year the main activity is agriculture. Over the years the company has established itself as the benchmark for modern agriculture as an example of successful European practices in the development and management of agricultural companies, which can be applied in Bulgarian conditions.

Through continuous training of its specialists, using modern techniques and last but not least the good management, the company has evidence that agriculture inBulgaria may be a dynamic and competitive sector of the Bulgarian economy. ET “Elia” cultivate approximately 16,000 acres of land in regionYambol. Produce sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, corn and wheat and from 2008 the company start to produce the following vegetables: peas, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper and others. The main aim of production is to satisfy the needs of the pig farm, cow farm and oil plant.

We work in collaboration with leading companies in the field of agriculture and farmers, and strive to implement the best of their experience. The company is a member of the Union of grain producers for region Yambol. The secret of success of ET "Elia" is that the constant striving for innovation and perfection, coupled with the use of long-standing traditions in the field of agriculture in a very fertile region. At present ET “Elia: rends over 5000 acres in the lands of five cities in region Yambol, to owners entrust the care of their land in our hands, believe in our experience and professionalism. This, we have achieved because of the loyal relationship with our lessors and contract’s terms that we offer.

The number of agricultural machinery and equipment continues to grow in accordance with the requirements of market economy. The technique meets the demands of modern agriculture and ensure professional quality and fast operation - an occasion for a good price policy.
We continue renting and purchasing land in areas where we treat the land with the aim of improving our work and achievement of European standards for agro-ecological relation to the ground.

This is our top priority, which can be a part and you!

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