INERTNI MATERIALI-YAMBOL” JSC  Yambol, dates back to 1961 and specialized in mining, processing and marketing of aggregates.
With many years of experience the company is among the leading companies of this sector in Bulgaria.
The diversity of the products helps the company to keep leading positions on the aggregates market in Southeast Bulgaria. Natural materials or fractions of concrete and road construction, high quality products are a guarantee for the success of the company.
Decision 598/29.06.2005, the Council of Ministers was given the concession for mining, construction materials, sand and gravel, from the "Garlata", municipality Yambol with area 888 acres.


''INERTNI MATERIALI-YAMBOL'' JSC specializes in the production of mineral meal which is using in asphalt mixtures and as a supplement to feed mixtures. For asphalt mixtures - a fine particles by granulation to 2.0 mm, obtained by finely ground limestone in accordance with BS EN 13043.


Quarry ''Garlata''