''Kalibrovani stomani'' Jsc

"Kalibrovani stomani” Jsc is the single manufacturer of precisely calibrated, cold drawn steel profiles, circular, hexagonal and square section. More than 20 years we are active in the market, earning the trust of our customers and partners with professionalism and responsibility.

   "Kalibrovani stomani” Jsc was founded in 1986 with a monthly production capacity of 1000 tons graded steel profiles. The company has a modern plant for production of wire products equipped with high-electrical spot welding machines, machines for machining and lines with a continuous process for coating - plastic and electrostatic powder.

The advantages of "Kalibrovani stomani” Jsc:

• It has established reputation for the machinery industry and among companies, which use our metal shelving and wire products;
• Use high technology and machinery;
• Excellent articulate team of competent managers and executives;
• The company is certified by ISO 9001:2008;
• Implementation of products in large series of impressive short time without compromising in quality, regardless of the complexity of construction and design;
• Own production of basic consumables in metal shelving - steel wire;
• More than 200 types of manufactured and sold specialized racks for food and non food goods.

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